By Abeer

1. Shapewear, to lose weight.
2. The card game: play because all the family members love it (my children and my husband)
3. Dominoes is one of the games my husband and I love, and we play it during my spare time.
4. Remote control, to watch the Arabic series I love on the channels.
5. Headphone, to hear soothing music, so I do not disturb those around me.
6. Quran, reading Quran for guidance.
7. Pen and color, I love drawing.
8. Mobile phone, to follow up the news and contact with friends and family via social media.
9. Sponge, for daily home cleaning
10. Chocolate, eating chocolate while watching movies to have fun.
11. Cooker, cooking a lot of food for the family during lockdown.
12. Cup, every single day coffee to refresh the mind.
13. Coffee maker, for Turkish coffee.
14. Small towel, for cleaning the house.
15. Tablet, I watch movies sometimes.