By Adrian Jankowiak

1. Mask. Had this to protect from sawdust already, stained with red paint.
2. Aluminium Water Bottle from @africancrossroads , attached a lanyard with printed tape measure to cap 📏
3. Headphones by @keeppaceafrica . They've gone through a lot on and off my sizeable head, they're rarely off.
4. Microphones x 2. Stereo recording needs covered on a budget.
5. XLR cables - Red and Yellow are my current favourite colour combination.
6. Saramonic #Smartrig which allows you to connect the mics to a phone/ camera / laptop 3.5mm aux.
7. Drill - The more time you spend at home, the more you DIY to make it suit your needs?
8. Notebook acquired at @nairobidesignweek from @quotmie 
9. Pencil, blunt. This should be replaced with the leatherman knife that I use for sharpening it.🔪
10. Memory Card. Symbolic of our continuous need for more storage, and expectation for it to get cheaper.
11. Brasso screen wipe. Lots of fingerprint wiping.
12. Laptop. Would be filthy without the above. Will this be an essential for me in 10 years?
13. Camera. Trusty Lumix GX7 in its 6th year on a @gorillapod.official
14. Clippers. Admittedly only used once but it was very necessary. See beard on previous post.
15. Coffee. But also really tea.