By Afizu 

1. TRADITIONAL SARONG, to keep me comfortable at home all the time.
2. AL-QURAN, to keep my faith strong and have that positive energy to believe that bad times will pass, and everything happens for a reason (Time for reflection).
3. IPAD, to entertain and seek information on the internet.
4. MEASURING CUP AND MIXER, I frequently use these when baking with my daughter.
5. UNO STACK, I play with my wife and daughter to keep us entertained and also to teach my daughter the importance of patience.
6&7. MASK AND SANITIZER, these have been a necessity in our daily lives; used if we ever wanted to go out to the shop up until now.
8. VITAMIN C, is also important to boost our immune system especially during this pendemic.
9. MANDARIN/ENGLISH DICTIONARY, I frequently use to assist my daughter especially for her homework and online classes. We are Malay but she attends a Chinese school.
10. ADIDAS SHOES, I wear this pair daily for walking and cycling to keep myself healthy.
11. BICYCLE HELMET, to keep me safe whenever I go cycling.
12. WATER BOTTLE, to keep me hydrated, I make sure that i drink at least 3 - 4L of water daily.
13. EKEN CAMERA, for me to capture and record every precious moment that I spend with my beloved family.
14. EARPHONES, I use them every time I go out for cycling to keep me entertained and energetic. If don’t bring this with me, I will be bored cycling alone.
15. UKULELE, I picked up playing this instrument during lock down and i didn’t know that i had that in me. I would have never thought that I can play any musical instrument. I learned to play the ukulele just from apps.