By Alex Usmar

Maidstone, Kent.

1. Homemade Masks: 30 3-ply masks made from two layers of tartan cotton poplin with a sandwiched layer of polypropylene, made for the whole family.
2. Stanley Knife: useful for the increased number of deliveries.
3. 90s Cardigan: one of the warmest sweaters I own, and also has Argyll on the sleeves, representing my clan.
4. Fragrance: so I can actually remember what it's like to go out.
5. Moisturisers: daily routine, it also gets dry in winter.
6. Tartan Sherpa Blanket: our heating is dodgy at the best of times.
7. Sauté Pan: used every day, all-purpose pan.
8. Baileys: the spirit of winter.
9. Single-Rocks Glass: used for said Baileys, amongst other things.
10. German Chef's Knife: good for chopping, I've been doing a lot of cooking, soon to be replaced.
11. Steel Water Bottle: my family doesn't buy bottled water any more.
12. DT770 P 80 Headphones: worn every day, a researched investment.
13. Laptop - Bought specifically for uni, now used mostly for online lectures.
14. Shoes: not clunky, not springy, just useful for getting around.
15. Phone: my second screen and camera.