By Alexia Yuill

‘My Little Saviours during Lockdown’

1. My CMT. If it wasn’t for @joannegr0ves getting me out of bed early for our zoom exercise class every day, I don’t really think I would be motivated for the rest of the day. 🙏🏻
2. I live in leggings 24/7.
3. Flour and eggs, isobaking every day.
4. I have always wanted to re-read this amazing and massive book; no time like the present!
5. Toilet roll... need I say more!
6. Hair bands- I don’t wash my hair for minimum a week and tie it back every day.
7. Colouring in pencils. I have re-discovered I can actually draw after not drawing for 20 years.
8. TV remote control. I have loved bingeing on BBC and Netflix.
9. Green Tea all day.
10. Hand sanitiser.
11. Scented candle for the evening session of TV bingeing.
12. A big hair band to cover the inch of grey regrowth.
13. I have re-discovered I can paint! Slowly painting a wall mural.
14. Exfoliating Foot Peeling Mask- if you don’t know what this is OMG you have to try!