By Alicia Aleman (part of a family set The Aleman - Castellano)

1. Gym kit for at home Pilates and Yoga
2. Laptop for keeping in touch on Zoom and work
3. Coco the kitten (those eyes 😻)
4. DIY cherry blossom- we did a virtual trip to Japan and made beautiful crafts.

5. sunglasses- so grateful for the sunshine.
6. Snacks, trying to be healthy with fruit but those pop chips are a little bit of heaven on the taste buds.

7. Nars lipstick- the world is a bit brighter with lipstick
8. Paintbrush- I’ve decorated my two children’s bedrooms during lockdown (never want to paint another ceiling)
9. cotton reel and needle-I’m learning to sew again. Trying to make a prototype of a bag for my new business project

10. Notebook and pencil- for taking notes on an online course.
11. Coffee mug- for my 15 minutes of sanctuary in bed looking at the sky. This mug reminds me of an amazing time in Tokyo.
12. Picasso paintings- my children and I have done a webinar on Cubism- it’s not about the product but the process (I keep telling myself) 😉.

13. Cocktails- my husband makes an incredible lychee martini- great for sunset time.
14. Epsom salts and Jenny Betts Candle- for a bit of me time.
15. Cat bowl and treats- belonging to Willow, our girl cat. She “chose” not to be in this photo.