By Amanda Bright

1. Chao (and Mao). The warmest, most obnoxious reasons I wake up in the first place/at all.
2. This gray and white quilt that I wrap myself in almost every day after work (sometimes during work...).
3. My favorite water bottle from @poketo
4. Phone + Instragram to connect me with my people and strange people all over the world.
5. Yoga mat for yoga but mostly stretching but mostly just lying on the ground.
6. Coffee, and discovering local brands like @notevencoffee
7. Birth control because pandemics make me terrified of having children like never before.
8. Nintendo Switch plus Animal Crossing. Add me.
9. Jeni’s ice cream scoop for all of the ice cream I’ve made and eaten.
10. Jade plant that I can barely keep alive but reminds me of the house back in LA.
11. Vibrator because see 7.
12. My Garmin 945 running watch I got just before isolation began. So much data.
13. Running shoes (replacing my 300+ mile worn out pair).
14. Max SPF sunscreen for my tattoos when out in the sun which has finally revealed itself here in Toronto.
15. Books. And just learning in general. One of the only things that makes me feel like I’m moving forward.

Toronto, Canada