By Amani El Ogibi

For an observer, it may not cover the essentials of cleaning products & food but for myself, I have made a main objective is to create an environment that inspires me and keeps my mental health clear from negativity, starting from not watching the news only reading online main headlines from trusted platforms and reading the country COVID numbers and official announcements in Libya once a day.

1.Yoga mat for meditation and training
2. Skipping rope for warm-up training at home
3. Coffee ( My morning ritual) cup of coffee to set the day in a good note I drink it in silent mediation.
4. Dark Chocolate (I love chocolate) read somewhere it fights depression!
5. Water, to stay hydrated.
6. Multivitamin
7. Cod liver capsules
8. Peanut butter ( I love it I have it with banana or with breakfast )
9.Hair oil
10. Face cream
11.Lip cream
12. Hand cream
13. Note pad, I write my goals and ideas , any motivational quotes and sketches
14. 2020 agenda, even though I don't have a packed agenda I write on each day (Thank God <3) for surviving another day and any items I need to do on that day.
15. Laptop (Work/leisure: Netflix & creative courses)