By Amy Revell

Manchester, Lancashire

1. Laptop: essential for online classes (and Netflix)
2. Cookbook: lockdown gave me more time to be adventurous with my cooking
3. Glasses: yhe blue light filter has been useful for working on a screen all day
4. Lipstick: although my mask usually covers it, wearing it makes me feel more put together and awake
5. Miss Dior perfume: I find the smell comforting
6. Floral Notebook: all my notes from uni
7. The Princess Diarist book: Carrie Fisher’s sense of humour is great for escapism
8. Pencil Case: handy for sketching and taking notes
9. Bunny Slippers: I’ve had these for at least 7 years, I wear them pretty much daily
10. Arrow McLaren SP Racing T Shirt: Indycar races are something I look forward to every week
11. Coffee Lip Scrub: the sugary coffee smell reminds me of being on holiday
12. Aviation Gin: my favourite gin
13. Speaker: battered from when my dad dropped it in the garden, it still sounds great though
14. Drama Queen Coffee Mug: bought for me by my parents, I drink at least 3 mugs of coffee a day
15. Necklace: something to play with when I’m anxious or stressed, I wear it every day