By Andy Trewin Hutt

1. Yoga mat - We've been taking zoom classes every day since March with @mollymckeeveryoga.
2. Manta Foam roller by Morrama - The extra exercise has meant looking after my legs and back post-run or cycle.
3. Elasticated waisted trousers - New workwear perhaps forever.
4. Slides - My new office footwear.
5. Fujifilm camera - Bought to travel and now being used for work product photography or taking pictures of my plants.
6. Noise-cancelling AirPods -  The saviour of concentration and giver of video call freedom.
7. Smelly chill stuff from Earl of the East - Post dinner or pre-work.
8. Californian THC pen - Sleep has been crazy and this can help negate some of the stress of the unknown.
9. Angle Razor & Brush and Bowl by Morrama - Great to take some time away from tech and go through the ritual of a wet shave.
10. Wife (Wedding book) - Having someone to chat to, laugh with and share this fucked up period.
11. Wild Natural Deodorant - Another Morrama project but something that launched just before lockdown. The press and coverage have meant lots of leads for the agency and has provided us with enough work for many months. Less sweat in more ways than one.
12. Loffi Gloves and Wahoo bike computer. Cycling has been a great chance to get outdoors. Get sweaty and see an empty London. Plus waving at people with a smile is amazing when everyone is looking at others with such disdain.
13. Coffee from Pact - I miss coffee shops, luckily I only drink filter usually so getting a good filter coffee isn't too hard.
14. A juicy IPA - Delivered to your door by Fierce & Noble. Support independents where you can.
15. MacBook Pro - I'm very lucky to have a job that I can still do thanks to technology and collaborative tools.

London, United Kingdom