By Ania Markham (part of a family set The Markhams)

1. Alessi ‘Richard Sapper’ Espresso Maker (It was a morning ritual before lockdown but now I’ve added an after-lunch coffee as well. I also love the design and functionality of this coffee maker. I think one of the most romantic presents you could give someone.)
2. Polish leather house slippers from Zakopane mountain region (I’m a half-Polish, ex-Londoner now living for almost two decades in the Netherlands. These slippers remind me of my Warsaw family everytime I put them on as they are precious supplies sent to me every year. They are the best house slippers ever and just get softer with wearing. Needless to say, they haven’t left my feet during this lockdown)
3. Sunglasses - Emporio Armani (I am determined to come out of this lock-down with a tan and am trying to grab an hour of sun every day in our little garden. I’m going for Iggy Pop golden!)
4. Anti-bacterial Hand Gel (After a hand gel drought here in Haarlem, a big tube of it makes me feel happy)
5. Stanley 3m tape measure (I’m sure we’re like everyone else and taking advantage of lockdown to finally sort the house out!)
6. Book: Olga Tokarczuk ‘Prowadż swój pług przez kości umarłych’ (english title: Drive Your Plow Over the Bones of the Dead’ (I‘ve been wanting to read this Nobel Literary prizewinner’s work for a long time and was determined to do so in her native Polish language but I’m a slow reader as it’s my second language. Having the time now to do so is an absolute luxury - especially during my hour in the sun)
7. Manner Original Neopolitan Wafers (I’m sure lockdown generates nostalgia for our childhoods. This used to be the reward for going food shopping with my Mum at Safeways in East Sheen in London. I loved these wafers probably because the packaging design and colourway somehow made them taste better. To my delight they recently started selling them here in Haarlem and now I am completely addicted to one packet a day).
8. 2kg hand weights (I get up every weekday morning at 0600 and train in my bedroom for an hour. It’s been keeping me completely sane when sitting at home most of the day).
9. Dog lead (We have a 6 year old adopted street dog called Astro who keeps us on our toes as he’s a mix of Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Boxer and American Stafford. The sweetest dog ever at home but terrorizes the local labra-doodles on our neighbourhood walks.)
10. Apple iphone 7 (I never used to pick up my phone before 0830 but now I settle down with my morning coffee at 0700. Lockdown has a lot to answer for).
11. Mac Book Air 12” (This is my office essentially - everything to do with work. My meetings, presentations, proposals, research and escapism. Is it possible to love a little piece of rose gold technology so much?)
12. Dutch Asparagus (It’s currently in season and I can’t get enough of it!)
13. Roberts Internet Radio (I have 4 radio stations keeping me connected to the world and filling my soul with music: BBC Radio 6, Soho Radio, NTS (all UK-based) and Red Light Radio in Amsterdam.
14. Weleda Skin Food (I swear by this on my face every night before I go to sleep)
15. Clinique Solar Face Cream SPF 40 (This makes me feel a little less vulnerable for being a sunbathing addict. I’ve decided sunbathing is meditative as it’s the only time I allow myself to do nothing and think nothing).