By Ansh Kumar (part of a family set The Kumars)

1. Sanitizer - A must in every list. These times have helped us be more conscious of our health and Hygiene. Go Wash Your Hands!
2. Mask - Another essential accessory to move out whenever little I need to.
3. Phone- A constant source of inspiration, news, and also a distraction, enabling me to reach out to people.
4. Eggs - A staple meal for the most days that complements well with oatmeal and watermelon smoothies.
5. Watermelon smoothies - A refreshing kicker after a good session of boxing.
6. Blue Tokai Coffee - a constant companion from start to the end of the day. The flavours keeping it alive.
7. Projector - For the Projection Mapping and live art experiments!
8. Macbook - The daily driver that has helped me connect, create, and collaborate throughout these times.
9. iPad - Another tech on the list. Well, I am a geek. Adds to the reading, sketching, and complimenting the main machine to create.
10. Hand wraps - Daily Boxing sessions helping the body feel better and active throughout.
11. Shoes - Essential in the boxing kit.
12. Ukulele - Recently started learning the instrument and it has been a meditative process during the quarantine.
13. Forty Rules of Love by Elif Shafaq - Such an insightful novel with thought-provoking perspectives that kept me intrigued and entertained. Perfect timing for such a novel
14. Origin One Journal: All the thoughts and work notes go in here. I have recently started tracking emotions and habits. Let's see how that goes.
15. The Blue Pen - Other than the obvious writing tool, this pen is also a constant reminder of my travels and the journey it has taken with me.