By Apollo 

1. The Bible for my spiritual nourishment together with my family during the lockdown since all the churches are closed to avoid social gathering of many people in one place.
2. The laptop really helps, especially on Sundays for watching virtual church services streaming live through Facebook and YouTube channels.
3. The tablet is being used by my son to attend online classes through Zoom organized by the school since all schools are closed (I also had to assist to manage this).
4. Workshop tools (hammer, screw driver and the tape measure) as an illustration of what I’m doing as side job making and selling furniture to help sustain us financially me and my wife are on unpaid leave from work.
5. “Digging to America” by Anne Taylor, a novel I’m reading.
6. The Bluetooth speaker represents my entertainment through music outdoors when not busy at the workshop
7. The mask is a necessity when going out to public places as directed by the Kenyan ministry of health and the World Health Organization to curb the spread of Covid-19.
8. Hand sanitiser.
9. Mobile phone for communication and keeping in touch on what is happening on the social media such as Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and watching a few YouTube videos.
10. The earphone I could use sometimes outdoors or maybe while on public transport
11. The hand gloves I use for my own personal training at home
12. The weights that I have at home and also to train few clients on zoom.
13. The Home theatre remote control represents the music I listen to at home
14. The TV remote is to keep news updates from around the world.
15. The exercise book represents how I help my children with their school work and keep the busy and engaged during this time.