By Arriane Kladas

Spending time outdoors and staying active has been critical in staying physically and mentally healthy during these unprecedented times.
For that reason these are my essentials:  
1. My running sneakers
2. My biking cleats
3. My water bottle
4. My buddy Jackson 
5. A leash so he can safely take me for walks :)
6. My mask which gives me the freedom to leave my apartment.

Luckily I've been fortunate enough to work from home and technology makes that possible which is why you see:
7. My laptop
8. My Ipad
9. My Ipad Pencil
10. My sketchbook
11. A Mechanical Pencil
12. My headphones which I use for calls as well as listening to music.

Other essentials are:
13. My glasses
14. A book that I've been reading while working on my thesis.
15. My favorite Nespresso coffee pod