By Aseel

1. Shoes, I use them everyday for running
2. Shaver, I use it to shave my brother’s hair as the shops are closed.
3. Laptop, I used to watch movies
4. Weighing scale, I used to motivate myself with loosing weight.
5. Cup, I used for drinking most of the time, it is an important glass for me as it reminds me of someone.
6. Apple, I eat whenever I am hugry to control my weight.
7. Tea, I drink it after every heavy meals.
8. Like a piggy bank, I add little amounts during lockdown.
9. Phone, I use it to stay connected with my friends and also to see the news all over the world.
10. Headset, I use it everyday while running and watching movies.
11. Video games, A game I played and spent a lot of time on.
12. Eyewear, I used whenever I run outside.
13. Another headset, for long calls with my friends.
14 Souvenier, A thing that reminds me of my old friend, we talk  a lot during lockdown.
15. Another phone where I play my favorite games.