By Ayşegül Oğuz

1. Cactus: There is much more. We share the house with them P.s. They prevent radiation 🌵
2. Ukulele: I walk around with this at home and hum the songs 🎤
3. Tablet: My everything ♥️
4. Notebook: We brainstorm together 📝
5. Glass: Overtime friend 🍷
6. Headphone: To escape my boyfriend’s game voice 😅👐🏼🎧
7. Spray: Refresh the leaves of my flowers 🌿
8. Magic mouse: I love apple 🌸
9. Resistance band: I must stay fit even if I’m in quarantine 🧘🏻‍♀️
10. Gamepad: I love need for speed 🎮
11. Cologne: Covid 19 weapon 🔫
12. Portable speaker: I carry music all arround the house because I do everything with music 🏡🎼
13. Brush: The taste of traditional art is different 🎨
14. Phone: Never goes silent with the neverending workload. Sometimes I sleep with it even though I want the throw it away 🤬🤭☺️
15.Tweezers: You can’t recognize me without it. 🙈😂♥️