By Ayomide  

1. Jersey football top and a pair of brown canvas shoes for a walkout almost all early hours of the day during the lockdown to prevented excessive fatness.
2. An alarm that signals athletic timing!
3. Face mask for preventing getting contact with Covid-19 during the lockdown.
4. I often take a bottle of fearless energy drink to regain strength after the walk.
5. A liquid black natural bathing soap in order to keep the skin fresh.
6. Docor single blade shaving stick for clean shaving at home because it is risk visiting the barber's shop.
7. An after-shave liquid solution to prevent breakouts.
8. Scientific calculator for solving mathematics because I do study during the lockdown.
9. A mobile Bluetooth speaker with radio serves as means of getting information regularly.
10. Miemie chips, my relaxation snack.
11. I enjoy every moment at dawn by playing cards with my family.
12. I take a stroll around the neighborhood in the evening with my customized Nike footwear.
13. I push my little kid around the compound on his bicycle.
14. Regularly read a family bond novel to keep my love life intact during the pandemic.
15. A cup of Nestle Milo at night before bed crowns my day during lockdown.