By Azlina

1. VACUUM CLEANER: clean the house everyday.
2. LAPTOP: to conduct online class and key-in students’ data.
3. SONGKET: had time to take care of the songket as it is different with other fabrics.
4. CURRY PUFFS: was able to make kids’ favourite for tea time
5. SPORT SHOES: I miss jogging at the park terribly , so I jogged around my house.
6. HEADPHONES: join a meeting or a webinar .
7. KIDS’ STORYBOOK: having fun with kids reading and laughing together.
8. FACE MASK: new norm to adapt in our lifestyle
9. SPATULAS: represent how busy am I as a mother to cook everyday.
10. AIR-CONDITIONED REMOTE CONTROL – the weather was scorching hot in March to June.
11. TV REMOTE CONTROL: was able to watch movies to cheer me up.
12. GAME CONTROLLER: filled free time by playing games.
13. HAND SANITIZER: a must have thing in the bag
14. PEEL-OFF MASK: perfect skin care treatment
15. HANGER – hanging device that I used to dry clothes.