By Badejoko 

1. Facemask
2. Hand sanitiser against all germs and the virus.
3. Armpit roll-on to always ensure a dry armpit when talking a walk.
4. Energy boost drink for strength replenish after everyday work-out.
5. A prayer guide for guiding day-to-day praying activity (the church is closed).
6. Business law book for studying.
7. Business news dailies to get daily updates on business activities.
8. Mobile gadget for communicating and listening to both news and music when alone.
9. Ear piece
10. Ginger drink tea for keeping fit always.
11. Ball to play with my little one in the garden.
12. Trainers for jogging.
13. Head warmer for protecting the hair against dust when jogging.
14. Nigerian WHOT card game that always keeps myself and the family together at all times.
15. Daily and nightly facial cleansers.