By Barbie Thomas

1. Dog leash, my dogs have been my best friends through this
2. Tumbler, a friend of mine sent this one as a gift a few weeks ago
3. MUJI essential oil to diffuse before bed
4. AirPods
5. Sunglasses
6. rinRen hair essence & mist
7. Golf ball, I enjoy driving the cart around & the scenery
8. Mascara, this about the only makeup I wore the past few weeks (and I love it!)
9. Cooking utensils, we’ve cooked every day & it’s changed the way I choose to eat
10. Tequila, it’s been my summer spirit of choice
11. Garden Trowel, I’ve been working on our garden boxes. So far it’s been a cold spring but we’re hopeful for some tomatoes soon!
12. Apple Watch
13. Bike Helmet, biking has been a nice outdoor workout option. During quarantine I’ve started mountain biking more.
14. Veggies
15. Husband, thankful for his companionship.