By Bartek Domagala

1. A mattress helps to chill-out on a balcony
2. Sneakers - running in the parks was not banned
3. Headphones for conf calls
4. Phone (also for ordering food and books)
5. A set of masks for various occassions and moods
6. Pens were necessary for making shopping lists
7. Fat-free pan for home cooking
8. I stopped eating in the restaurants and started to feed off in local stores and vege markets offering fresh and tasty broad beans
9. Sleep mask helping getting to sleep 
10.Moka pot helping waking up
11. A candy bar to sweeten the pandemic
12. A fan as air conditioning is missing in the apartment
13. Polish edition of Jenga to pass the time
14. The Tatra National Park was closed but at least I had a highland-style coaster
15. Book: "Want to know one habit ultra-successful people have in common? They read”