By Belinda Lefley

1. Sit. ‘My’ chair. Always moving to sunny spot
2. Exercise. Yoga mat. Early mornings with Adriene
3. Cleanse. Soap. No more plastic 
4. Beauty. My chance to be that person with a ‘regime’
5. Read. Captain Corelli’s Mandolin. Lost count of attempts to read pre-Covid. I visit / dream of Kefalonia every day
6. Lust. Interiors books. Making plans 
7. Confessions. Glasses. Daily reminder I didn’t go to the optician when I should. I borrow these 
8. Wear. Loquet charm necklace. Every day. No longer saved for best 
9. Drink. Herbal tea. All day long 
10. Drink. Coffee. Saviour this ritual rationed to one a day 
11. Homeschool. Counting blocks ~ maths with Maggie 
12. Homeschool. Pencil pot. On the table when it’s a classroom for my kids 
13. Dressing. Table linen. New ceremony of meals 
14. Cook. Garlic oil. I start every dinner here
15. Eat. Veg. Now delivered. New hero. Less meat