By Bistra Bozhikova

The 15 lockdown essentials that make me smile and keep dreaming right now

1. Books - To travel from home with “The most beautiful places around the world” and time travel with “Letters from Tove” – Tove Janson
2. MumiMu – The travel buddy that goes with me at all different interesting places around the world, now sitting with me at the sofa from where I work
3. Laptop – Work (all day, all night)
4. Rum from Cuba – At the end of working days (or in the middle)
5. Mug - Favorite mug from favorite friend that is on the other side of the world
6. Chocolate tea – New addiction
7. Notebook and pencil – To write poems, stories and make plans for novel
8. Bulgarian spices – I add it to all dishes
9. Relaxing sleep mask with coconut water - The skin is tirsty
10. Perfume - To escape from reality with a fragrance
11. Vitamins – Grapefruit, banana and cherry tomatoes
12. Worry doll – From the last adventure to Guatemala before Covid 19
13. Glasses – to see the world from my window
14. Puzzle – To relax my brain from work
15. Jar with honey - From my grandfather (look forward to the day I'll visit him again)