By Carmen 

1. Lemons: My daily dose of vitamin C
2. Incense: A bit of aromatherapy
3. Gin: 
4. Face Mask that I've designed and made it myself using old clothes.
5. Dulce de Leche: We all need a bit of sweet during these times, I have very sweet tooth.
6. Tea: I drink two or three per day (always with lemon, never with milk)
7. Earphones: Can’t live without music
8. CD Silverchair: A present from a friend that also brings back some memories from Australia, where I grew up.
9. Marihuana: Legal in Uruguay, helps with my anxiety
10. Garlic: Another daily essential to boost immune system
11. Remote: Binge watching tv
12. San Expedito: I’m not religious but believe in him
13. Kitchen Utensils: Have been cooking and eating a lot
14. Plants: I need nature in my life but I live in an apartment in the centre of Montevideo, so trying to have more plants
15. Frazadita: Blanket for the sofa binge-watching