By Chen Yang

I’m Liaocheng City, Shandong Province in China and these are my essential items right now

1. Sunshine: I can't walk or bask in the sun because I have little opportunity to go out, so I will open the curtains to feel the sunshine every day.
2. Nail polish: I don't wear makeup when I'm not out of the house, but I paint my nails as it makes me feel beautiful.
3. iPad: I spend a lot of time watching videos and news or painting.
4. Mask: Not going out gives me a lot of time to take care of my skin. Especially in winter, the room is very dry.
5. Eye mask: I often have time to sleep during the day, and the eye mask is very good to help me block out the light.
6. Hairpins: Because I seldom go out, I can’t have a haircut. So I usually fix my hair directly with hairpins.
7. Cold’s medicine: Due to the fear of illness, I take cold’s medicine.
8. Hand sanitizer: Occasionally when I go out, I worry about getting a virus on my hands. It can help me wash my hands anywhere without using water.
9. Perfume: Because my mother sprays desinfectant at home, so, I spray perfume to cover the smell of the desinfectant, which also makes my mood become more relaxed.
10. Chinese New Year foods: Novel Coronavirus period is Chinese New Year. Although the virus epidemic is serious, we will still eat traditional New Year foods to add festive atmosphere.
11. Pyjamas: I wear pajamas at home every day.
12. Masks: Masks are very important!
13. Scissors: The hairdresser is closed. I cut my bangs at home.
14. Headphones: I listen to music to relax.
15. Vitamin C: It boosts my immune system and tastes great