By Chloe Coulson

1. Mr Whippy’s dog collar. We even discovered some new marsh near us. Saw 3 swans fly directly overhead. Majestic.
2. Mr Whippy portrait. A wonderful gift for my lockdown birthday. Talent.
3. Rocket. Been meaning to sort our garden and plant some veg. Grateful for the catalyst to do so and measure time when the days can all feel the same.
4. Pangolin. These guys are one of my favourite yet endangered animals. They’re thought to have caused the first animal to human transmission of Covid-19 via a wet market. A symbol for the change we need to make to fix food & farming systems with an eye on ecology.
5. Pressure Drop beer. A good drop from a good brewer who’ve been paying forward to local businesses who’ve had to close for the lockdown. Put your £s towards the brands you’d miss most if they’re no longer here.
6. Eunoia - Christian Bök. Eunoia means beautiful thinking and it is also the shortest English word to contain all 5 vowels. This book builds verse around each of those phonemes. A creative exercise in working within tight constraints. Apt.
7. Frekvens rave system - Teenage Engineering x Ikea. Home raves at Gilles Petersons’s Club Lockdown - perfect for an introvert. (You know the rules - all welcome but no sliders!)
8. Banetton. Dusting down old hobbies, suffice to say my sourdough starter had died. Found a new no faff recipe for no knead bread. Kept it up.
9. Japan photobook of my favourite holiday. Not itching to get back to frequent travel but hope the future holds fewer but longer landmark trips to far flung places.
10. Lino & Pangolin print. The pleasure of print & doing something creative away from the screen.
11. Pfeil tool. Cuts lino like a knife through butter. Swiss made satisfaction.
12. TOA Loudhailer. For reminding people to keep 2m away. really. Keeps home communication fun though.
13. Dodgy Dogs card game. Keeping us entertained between episodes of Tiger King.
14. Logitech K780. Lucky to have space to continue working comfortably. Been tapping away rather a lot in lockdown.
15. New sneakers. Even this introvert is dreaming of stepping out. Pub anyone..?

London, United Kingdom