By Chris Butler

I’m not sure that it's about comfort or being essential but this stuff that has been getting used (and left on the floor) the most over the last 6 weeks.

1. Stand mixer - our cookies, bread, and banana bread game is real
2. Cutting mat - Gotta save those table tops
3. Robot - finding ways to keep the bigger one entertained, multi-stage art projects
4. Bell for essential workers -7pm shout out for essential workers
5. Sewing machine & mask - Dee has been making a bunch of masks for people
6. Binksy - offering up endless hugs for the little one.
7. Lego (wacky racers) - Hanna Barbarra’ing our way through the week
8. Glue gun - A little bit of cardboard and glue, you can make anything
9. Speaker - Keeping the Radio 6 blasting, and the kitchen disco’s bopping
10. 70% ethanol - Part of our current grocery wipe down ritual
11. Kids book - Pepper and Frannie, the current go to bedtime book until he next one.
12. Coffee - getting my beans from my favorite local coffee shop @proudmaryusa
13. Moka - I’m a million miles from making a great espresso, but this will do.
14. Away days - supporting friends with brews from my favorite local brewery @awaydaysbrewingco (lovely branding)
15. Fort blanket - Kid forts during the day, parent snuggles at night.

Oregon, United States