By Chris Stulpin

1. Montamorechedder we have some everyday around 4pm.
2. Nytimes start my day reading the newspaper.
3. dogleash walking around the lake everyday with the dog has become absolutely essential.
4. Messermeister knife is used all day, everyday.
5. lecreuset - something is always in this pot
6. Extra fan- I perform “numbers” for Charlie The tworping sound still scares him.
7-9. Onion, Celery, Carrots the holy trinity known as mirepoix
10. Remote we watch a lot of youtube
11. Book of movies I read this every day. I pick a movie, read about it, watch it and then go back and do more research on that film.
12. Redlighter I have to light things.
13. Partanna olive oil we horde this because I use it everyday.
14. Baleine seas salt - cooking essential.
15. iced latte - start everyday drinking two of these- 4 shots every morning