By Claire Duffy

1. Coffee
2. Trainers, one positive thing for me during this period is I’ve started running again and it’s much needed for my wellbeing.
3. iPod shuffle, getting lost in my music.
4. Hand weights, missing the gym, so doing a mini workout every other day.
5. Midget gems, my sugar fix.
6. Contented Dementia
7. Garmin watch, my running buddy.
8. Hand sanitizer, obsessing about not passing on any germs,
9. Wine..... too often at the moment, but need some relaxation.
10. Rich tea biscuits, every night after dinner, it’s become a ritual.
11. Mixer, to make my lovely banana bread, never made it before the days of Covid-19
12. Anti bacterial wipes, being obsessive living with elderly parents at the minute.
13. Lavender oil, de-stresses me, helps me to sleep, a few drops on my pillow every night.
14. Banana.
15. Trowel, having so much time on my hands now, I’ve really got into gardening.

Scotland, United Kingdom