By Cong Li

I’m quarentining back home in Heilongjiang Province at the northernmost city in China: Mohe. 
These 15 items are my daily necessities and life experiences.

1 & 2. My phone and iPad are important tools I can't let go of.
3. Chargers are an important source of energy.
4. Earphones block out noise.
5. Puzzles can be done when bored.
6. I often use napkins to wipe the table.
7. Alcohol can desinfect and clean the house.
8. Glasses help me see clearly.
9. My passport is the most important thing for me.
10. A wooden comb will smooth my hair.
11. A hair dryer will dry my hair.
12. The keys are displayed as I greeted guests today.
13, 14 & 15. The cute neighborhood kids bring ukulele, Doraemon cat toy and fawn and we play together.