By Daiana

1. Paintbrush. I am into arts and enjoyed painting during the pandemic
2. Building blocks. One of my collections, therefore buying and building more during the lockdown
3. Puzzle. Bought puzzles to add to my hobbies during the pandemic
4. Hammer. I made myself busy by doing some minor house improvements and renovations
5. mah Jong tiles. I spent some nights playing mah jong with my family
6. Face shield. This is an important item specially when going out during lockdown.
7. Headset. Work from home essential
8. Remote control. I Killed so much time watching Korean novelas, documentaries and series
9. GTA V. Favorite PS4 game which I played all over during the 3-4months strict lockdown
10. Vape. Used a lot of times since there was a shortage on cigarettes during the pandemic
11. Alcohol. Keeping myself germ-free from time to time
12. Vitamin C - prevents myself from catching any viruses.
13. Bath soap. One of the many preventions of contacting the virus is taking a bath often.
14. Phone. Social media catch up, getting updated with current events
15. Pringles. Pigged out during the pandemic