By Damilola  

1. Praying rosary for praying always and Islamic prayer do start at early hour of the day, precisely 5:30am.
2. Walking sneaker for solo walk after morning prayer.
3. Customized Jersey for walking out during the lockdown.
4. Face mask for covering the lower part of the face against pandemic.
5. Ready-made sanitizer for sanitizing the hands.
6. Lollypop sweet as appetiser for walkout during lockdown.
7. Jotter for writing down ideas about food business during the lockdown.
8. Always watching educative cartoon with the children.
9. Moving around with my solar charging gadget during lockdown.
10. Wearing body perfume to smell good.
11. Applying make-up to always look good facially.
12. Robbing body moisturiser cream for a smooth skin.
13. Chewing chocolate with my kids.
14. Ludo game that always bond myself and family together.
15. Mobile phone for communicating to customers that need foods item during lockdown.