By Dan Matutina 

Generally my essentials are a mix of work and personal items. I make it a point to always work in the studio. Because of the pandemic and lockdown, I had to bring my essential work tools home and start working remotely.

1. Wacom Intuos Pro tablet. This is usually paired with my laptop. When I need to work on illustration projects I need this tablet.
2. Surface Pro 7. I do sketches and light work on this tablet - laptop hybrid. It's pretty flexible and powerful for what I need it to do.
3. Bluetooth Mouse.
4. Surface Headphones. With all the Zoom, Meet and Microsoft Teams calls, it's important to have a good set of headphones. It can help you focus on the conversations and discussions.
5. Mobile Phone. I have two phones, I actually used my main phone to take a photo of this. Hahaha.
6. A box of face masks. Super important in this pandemic.
7. Switch Lite. This helped me cope with anxiety brought by the pandemic. Playing Animal Crossing, Fortnite and Pokemon Shield helped with my mental health in the earlier stages of the lockdown and pandemic.
8. 70% Alcohol Spray. We need to disinfect a lot of things because of the pandemic. Helped keep my hands clean when handwashing was not an option.
9. Powerbank. Very important to have a good power bank.
10. Mouthwash.
11. Macbook Pro. My main work machine.
12 .Water Bottle. It's important to keep yourself hydrated.
13. Vitamins.
14. Thermometer. In the early stages of the pandemic, I found it important to keep track of my temperature daily.
15. Disinfecting wipes. Important in the time of pandemic.