By Danel Moses

Covid Essentials x15 [stop motion] from Daniel D. Moses on Vimeo.

1. Books: chugging through a lot of reading - spy novels, bios, photo books of London to remind me of what the city looks like 📚
2. Pasta: obviously 🍝
3. Camera: allows me to keep creative in my home studio 📸
4. Tea: green as the grass please 🍵
5. iPad: writing, drawing, watching films, video calls, reading, creating…
6. Inhaler: asthma sucks, especially in a pandemic
7. Podcasts: bit obsessed with podcasts at the best of times, so this is getting me through - comedy, politics, filmmaking, music, mental health, photography 🎙
8. Chickpeas: are essential for making Hummus, and Hummus is magic and should be prescribed on the NHS. I won’t be taking questions
9. Music: making playlists on my Spotify - movie scores, rhythm & blues, funk, soul, live albums, and of course Springsteen on repeat 🎧
10. Nintendo: dug out my 90’s NES games system to remember a simpler time. Currently playing “Home Alone 2 Lost in New York”
11. Pepper plant: Have been growing some peppers for a few months, it’s starting to sprout, so at least I’ll have peppers…. sometime in November… 🌱
12. Yoga Mat: can’t really go out because of asthma, so only form of exercise is standing on my head, really enjoying developing my practice 🧘‍♂️
13. Notebook: writing words that may form a story at some point 📖
14. Eggs: praise be to the eggs, let us never forsake you again 🥚
15. Joggers: think Ive only worn my jeans about twice in 2 months, so basically living in these joggers, they smell nice… (Are they joggers if you don’t go jogging? Not sure, anyway creative licence…)

London, United Kingdom