By Daniela Tiefnig

1. Books - been trying to use the time to catch up with my reading list
2. Laptop - for wfh and to keep in touch with colleagues, clients and family
3. ipad - gadget of choice for binge watching
4. Headphones - these are noise cancelling, which is very helpful when trying to shut out noise from all the renovation works going on around me
5. Bullet journal - to remember what day of the week it is and to remain focussed
6. Scented candle - this one is my favourite and it is nearing the end 😢 it has a floral scent that isn’t too girly
7. Cook books - i own so many but most were purchased with good intentions and then filed away. Now I have the opportunity to try so many of the recipes i had earmarked, as long as supermarket stocks permit
8. Milk man - for the past 7 weeks my milk man made sure that I not only have milk and eggs but even fresh fruit and veg in the house!
9. Fresh flowers - to bring the outside inside
10. Films - started this top 100 films list & the idea is to scratch off the film you just watched to reveal a mini "poster" - while i would not pick all of these movies for my personal top 100, the process is weirdly motivating and satisfying
11. Paints and brushes - to stay creative. my attempts arent very aesthetically pleasing but it is my relaxation tool of choice
12. Hand cream - to soothe skin after all that hand washing
13. Lip balm - specifically this one from @burtsbees it is the only one i have found so far that does not just leave a greasy film but really hydrates
14. Kitchen aid - my trusted baking partner. makes the fluffiest banana bread a millennial could dream of
15. Outdoor space - SUNSHINE = POSITIVE VIBES