By David Silverman (part of a family set The Silvermans)

1. Guitar: more time home means more time to play
2. Laptop: for work, for play, for guitar lessons and music
3. Headphones: for zooming and rocking out
4. Weights: working out after work to keep me sane
5. Bandana: my mask; got this as a free handout at a rock festival
6. iPhone: see laptop above, only smaller
7. Fruits: healthy snacking
8. David Bowie mug: my hero on a mug, what could be better?
9. Patterned socks: I get to appreciate these without shoes on all day
10. Watch: I still wear one daily.
11. Notebook: this trusty thing works, even when the power goes out.
12. Coffee: obviously
13. Tequila: Felice and I celebrate with margaritas on Friday nights
14. Drill: Lots more home improvement projects happening lately
15. COVID journal: I’m keeping a journal of this experience