By Denise Rush

“My essentials in Boston in Corona-times”

1. My favorite mug for daily hot chocolate and tea (the illustrations are inspiring)
2. Maxim’s Chocolate Powder (oh joy!)
3. Fire TV stick remote (keeping me informed and also letting me escape)
4. Abstract glass box that’s home to remote controls
5. iPad Pro (great for viewing pics of my grandson Santiago who lives in Italy 😘)
6. Dark Chocolate 🍫
7. Hand blown goblet with lovely irregularities (great for wine 🍷)
8. Mindfulness Coloring Book (end of day activity that is calming)
9. Irojiten color pencils
10. Water bottle (my challenge is to drink five bottles daily)
11. Favorite sparkly pen (a cherished gift from a student)
12. Refillable notebook folio to keep my remote work tasks on track
13. Raw cashews for making healthy nut milk
14. Nano compression socks (these make my feet feel great!)
15. Propagating Golden Pothos for oxygen 🌱

Massachusetts, United States

Boston Architectural College