By Dylan Williams, (10 years old - part of a family set The Williams)

1. Lead: Merve is my favourite companion
2. Rubik’s Cube: I’ve done one side so far
3. Book: The football books keep me busy
4. Football: One of my favourite sports
5. Cutlery: I use them to eat all my meals
6. AMSA top: My favourite exercise top
7. Week Jr: My morning go-to magazine
8. Hoodie: The most comfortable hoodie I have
9. PE with Joe: I have done this EVERY day for 6 weeks
10. Trainers: To wear every day in the garden
11. TV controls: To watch BGT and good sports moments on Youtube
12. X-Box controllers: To play on the X-Box for fun
13. Cluedo: My favourite daily board game to play
14. Nando’s sauce: My every-day sauce!
15. Computer: My WPPS Home learning