By Elizaveta Zgirskaya

1. Notebook. All the ideas are collected here
2. Bookmarks. Remind me to get rid of unnecessary items
3. HDD. All materials are here
4. Keys. A very important thing while not having a permanent flat
5. Postcards from my friends. Remind me I’m not alone
6. Herbarium from one of my birthday’s bouquet. Just gives me energy
7. Recorder. Helps to listen to the word around me
8. Music notebook. Reminds me I’m still a composer
9. Headphones. Brings me a lot of troubles and plenty of opportunities
10. E-book. For escaping from the daily hard news
11. English textbook. My main hobby these months
12. Ear plugs. My sleep is not good for the last time
13. Eyedrops. Too many screens during this spring
14. Items for teeth cleaning. Became crazy about my teeth health
15. Camera. Just one more important assistant in my project