By Emily Gordon Smith

1. Birkenstocks - No bother footwear.
2. Books - Essential escapism for when you don’t know what day it is and start panicking.
3. Dog - My bezzie Suki. Not sure how we we will cope without each other post-lockdown.
4. Fresh flowers - Zoom backdrop essential
5. Jeju range from Beauty Pie - Excellent for the old wrinkles.
6. Laptop - For everything. Literally.
7. Smythson Portobello diary - For a bit of practical uber-luxury.
8. San Pellegrino Lemon - Sadly, I am addicted to this.
9. Pile of Vogues - Mainly for balancing my laptop on to minimise the triple chin effect in Zoom meetings.
10. Red shopper - A really great bag for the daily shopping task.
11. Breton top - Re-ignited my love for these. Very Zoom-friendly.
12.Chanel No 5 - Re-ignited my love for this as well. Classic.
13. Sunglasses - Accessorising the dog walk and daily shopping task.
14. Vodka - Needs must eh.
15. Music - For dancing round the kitchen.