By Erika Hasegawa

1. FLOS Bellhop portable table lamp with dimmer- to bring cosy light everywhere from balcony to bedside
2. JBL water resistant portable speaker - to bring good music everywhere from balcony to bath
3. Aroma stone and candles - make the air in the room fresh
4. Herb and vegetable pots in the balcony - grow and eat!
5. ManukaHoney - tea spoon of honey with yogurt every morning for the better immune system
6. CHANEL red nail colour - which I don't usually wear for work, but now I can as working from home
7. Leafandbotanics facial water - after face wash and anytime I want to refresh
8. Tea Pot - more tea and coffee everyday. It’s nice to use different tea pots and cups
9. Astierdevillatte Egg stand - usually for weekend breakfast but now for every morning. around 4.5mins is the best time for my boiled egg but not easy to make the perfect one.
10. LisaLarson bird - this cute bird with little eyes sitting by the side of my laptop makes me less stressed while working at home.
11. Cook books - more cooking than ever and now trying some different menus, it’s fun!
12. Cap - going for run and walk to make myself feel in control
13. Amazon TV remote control - Netflix!
14. Laboratorioolfattivo zenzero Aroma soap - washing hands with my long time favorite hand soap is still a pleasure moment
15. Water pot - gives myself a routine every morning to water plants in the balcony to feel the fresh air and sun