By Ernest Chi

1. Bluetooth speaker: For loud music and solo karaoke sessions 😂
2. Toothbrush: Indispensable 😁
3. Parlor slippers: I use it now much more often than ever.
4. Sunshades: It's very sunny out here during the day, so the shades are vital outdoors.
5. Yellow vest: Ramp Working tool
6. Water cup: Water is life 😂
7. Mobile phone: Staying connected
8. Earphones: For solo outdoor music listening
9. Laptop: Working tool from home and picture editing
10.  Face mask: Stay safe 😷
11. Coffee mug: Coffee is Indispensable for me when working
12.  Local broom: Keeping the environment clean
13.  Camera: My favorite hobby is photography. It always has to be a grab away
14. Jumping rope: Less activity during this period entails more sports for me to remain for
15.  Tripod: Photography purposes