By Esther Attrup (part of a family set The Attrup - Underwoods)

Things that take my mind off the apocalypse.

1. Jigsaw puzzles - the harder, the better.
2. Knitting needles - to break the habit of endless internet scrolling.
3. Wool - it would be hard to knit without it.
4. Book (Sally Rooney) - I loved this story so much. It’s so beautifully written.
5. TV remote - because Netflix always has something to recommend (Unorthodox!)
6. Running trainers - Outside time is heavenly! My mental health would not be in a good place without running during this time.
7. Yoga mat - Yoga with Adrienne makes me calm and centered.
8. Baking utensils - I have a very sweet tooth.
9. Running water bottle - Gotta keep hydrated!
10. Sudacreme - I’ve not been wearing make up so I’m really noticing any spots or blemishes.
11. Eve lom cleanser - A good face wash at the start of the day makes me feel fresh and ready for action.
12. Coffee - Iced coffee. Iced coffee. Iced coffee.
13. Peanut butter - On toast or just a spoonful on it’s own, it’s my go to snack.
14. Wineglass - Every day ends with a glass of wine.
15. Rosé - Or two.