By Eva Aleksieva

The 15 items that I used/ touched/ was comforted by during quarantine.
1. My art supplies - I've rediscovered my love for painting 🎨
2. My bullet journal - keep making plans and organize. Life will go on. 📓
3. Chef's knife 🔪- cooking at home is nice, especially if you are teaming with bae ☺️
4. Playstation - lots of Overcooked games 🤗 🎮
5. Board games- we traveled, but from safe from home 🚂🚂🚂 6. Aroma diffuser - it's a new found addiction 💗
7. Spotify/Netflix 👂👁️
8. A mug - Having my coffee was essential☕ I am having hard time concentrating on reading a book 🙄, but I keep myself inspired by going through art albums and visual books like
9. "Words"/"Думи" - awesome printed jewel by @arcbva
10. M. C. Escher pop-ups - as I am both fascinated and researching for some project I love to do someday.
11. My laptop--I did continue working from home daily, and keep close touch with people I love
12. Plant 🌱 - this is representation of my new found joy of amateur gardening
13. Hand cleanse gel by @thebodyshopbulgaria - I've gone through few, but coconut and strawberry are my fave 🥥🍓
14. Tablet feeder - this one is hard... I wanted to include my cat, but he is not to be bothered, so this is the thing I am using twice a day to give him medication and keep him alive 🖤
15. Here I will place the person that helped me take this picture @antondishkov. Don't care, if it is by the book. ❤️ Give me confort and shared most activities with me. And I do touch him a lot 🤗🤫🤭