By Fatima

1. Laptop, I watch movies here, like Netflix movies.
2. Book, I read this book and I find it so nice; reading is also one of my favorite pastimes.
3. Remote control for watching movies.
4. Make up pallet, I practice putting make up to myself, practice makes perfect. I found it fun during lock down.
5. Perfume, I got from online shopping.
6. Mobile phone, to stay connected to my family while on lock down.
7. Eye mask, I found more time taking care of myself.
8. Card games, pastime.
9. Hand sanitizer, a very important tool these days, it’s a protection from COVID19.
10. Vitamin C, important in boosting my immunity.
11. Face mask, essential to protect myself and my family, and also to avoid fines when you are outside.
12. Air pods, a savior in times of boredom, used to listen to music.
13. Chocolate snacks, for happiness
14. Play station, to have some fun time.
15. Candles, a thing that I use at home, it helps me relax.