By Felice Silverman (part of a family set The Silvermans)

1. Yoga mat – loving the live stream yoga classes
2. Mask - created by my friend Dagmar – happy it is red!
3. Phone – for just about everything -communicating, photographing, navigating new walk routes, listening to music
4. Weights - for livestream Barre class
5. Greek salad ingredients, my daily lunch
6. cat toys – for break time with my coworkers
7. Family photo – missing my family!
8. Flute, which I pulled out for the first time in years
9. Red wine...
10. Trace – I seem to be doing even more sketching during WFH!
11. Pencil case – my favorite WFH desk accessory - a gift from my sister, depicting my 3 kitties
12. Pastels – love sketching, for work or play
13. Rock Balance Calendar –I made this of photos of the rock balances that my husband does, on Block Island – gives me a serene and balanced feeling. And helps me to remember what day / month it is!
14. My red boots – even though no one can see my feet on Zoom calls, I like to wear them anyway
15. Rolling Stones coffee mug – love our daily afternoon coffee routine, and reminds me of all the concerts we’ve been to