By Fiona McKenzie Johnston (part of a family set The McKenzie Johnston - Steels)

1. My laptop; my livelihood, and current conduit to theatre, ballet, musicals, Netflix and church services
2. Heaven scented roses from the garden we have been so kindly lent, where I read and stare into space, and my children play swingball
3. Cake; I’m baking a lot, but as my friend @doreliadore says - and she’s a therapist - now is not the time to throw away the crutches.....
4. Trainers - enabling me to run off the cake, and away from my children, as far as Regents Park to see 🦒s, or Wormwood Srubs to hear the birds sing
5. One of my children needs to be shielded, which is occasionally hard - not least in terms of exercising him. We’ve been playing skipping games, which is fun
6. Diazepam. Sometimes it all gets a bit 🙃😬
7. Scent; I’m wearing Royal Pavilion by Etro, which I last wore when travelling around India in my 20s. It smells of freedom, possibility, and joy
8. Clarins Blue Orchid Oil; my desert island beauty product. Also Clarins has donated their magic hand cream to NHS staff, so ❤️
9. Lavazza; I literally don’t function without it
10. Books; I’ve been reading so much - Funny Weather, a collection of essays by #OliviaLaing, is one I keep returning to
11. Chocolate; Charbonnel et Walker Champagne Truffles are my favourite, but I’ll eat anything
12. Art; the #artistssupportpledge has been lockdown’s silver lining, these are by @julianbrownart and @veryan66, I’ve also bought from @johnayscough_artist  @guy_allen_artist and  @edmundsumner
13. My phone; source of news, connector with family and friends, and streamer of podcasts @sculptinglives @thegreatwomenartists
14. My current @smythson notebook, where I store research, ideas, facts, lists of things I need to remember to do, and more
15. A cushion by @chelseatextiles; being at home so much, I’ve realised no room in our house is untouched by their beautiful hand-embroidered textiles or hand-made furniture. And that makes me blissfully happy