By Flora McLean

“Things that give me comfort”
1. Moxi rollerskates: when I skate I drift off in to my own world.
2. AKG headphones: I use these for DJ-ing .They don’t look good but they work and command respect.
3. Erykah Badu vinyl: she is my cosmic guide, friend and collaborator.
4. Luiz Melodia & Djavan vinyl: Djavan is a genius musician. His music reminds me of Rio (my favourite city)
5. Cire Trudon candle: a special gift from a special man. This smells heavenly.
6. Crochet: this activity makes me calmer, so therapeutic and repetitive.
7. Pilea plant: This plant is a barometer for my life if its droopy thats how my day goes / if its perky likewise.
8. Ginger: this helps my digestion I have a slice in my tea most days.
9. Obsidian brooch: this stone repels negative energy it is the only pieces of jewellery I kept from my ex (maybe the is why he left).
10. Carnelian ring: this stone helps the immune system and sustain a healthy body.
11. Allotment flowers: the allotment is my secret garden I go there to hide and dig
12. Whitney the cat: she is my fluffy companion, she likes cuddles.
13. Skate gloves: these stop me hurting my wrists while I skate.
14. iPhone: to speak to my friends
15. Box Whisky: this is my cask strength whisky for emergencies.