By Frances McKeown

1. Coffee beans - coffee always, one strong cortado every day.
2. Peloton - our overpriced stationary bike (as described by a mate in NY) but in fact the best piece of kit we have ever purchased. Has possibly saved my mental health so far during lockdown
3. The Bettencourt Affair: The World's Richest Woman and the Scandal that Rocked Paris - incredible story of the L’Oréal scandal, stranger than fiction.
4. Barocca - daily dose of Vit C
5. Antibac spray - obvs
6. Soap - ditto
7. Fairy Liquid - see item no 9.
8. Music/headphones - comfort while I’m being yelled at by peloton instructors.
9. Kale - best thing about lockdown - cooking, worst thing about lockdown - cooking.
10. Fitness gear - I’m spending 80% of my time in leisurewear, isn’t everyone?
11. Olive oil - couldn’t do without it, hot or cold.
12. Basil - really need to start a home herb garden and get more houseplants but for now just trying to keep this alive
13. Fresh lupo bread - along with the farmers market (kale) this is an almost daily occurrence, delicious fresh bread and a way to support our most local family owned coffee shop.
14. Glasses - giving my eyes a rest from daily contact lenses 👀
15. Wine - essentials - my motto is drink the best wine you can afford 😋