By Gaby Rey

My quarantine little world (Mi mundito cuarentena)

1. Hockney’s book, because simply flicking through it is a way to release endorphins
2. Gramineas (Pampas grass) I have them all around my rooftop. Now I’m looking after them more than ever.
I love the way they move with the wind.
3. My camera, always at hands reach
4. My glasses, without them I couldn’t be doing this!
5. Women Who Run with The Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estés. A never-ending retreat-like book.
6. Orange, because now I can take the time to make fruit juices
7. Abuakan natural wine from Catamarca. Wine is never missing at my dinning table. This one is made by my friends, who are local and small passionate producers. I find that natural wine - with no additives - carries the real flavour of its origin.
8. Tailoring scissors and piece of cloth because I’m into sewing these days.
9. Laptop
10. A paper bird I built, it was therapeutic to do and a good way to calm anxiety. The bird is by @guarbabosques
11-12. Coffee beans and grinder. Because every day starts with coffee and since lockdown I’ve started to study about coffee
13. Chocolate because it is the best natural antidepressant
14. Essential oils (tea tree, rosehip, eucalyptus) for a better night’s sleep
15. Face mask made by me that looks like it’s from WW2